What Is E Cigarettes

2016's Top E Cigarette Brands Reviews

What Is E CigarettesThe future of zero lung cancer cases is officially here. Research has it that 70% of all smokers want to quite but it's too tough to do so. The Electronic Cigarette also called the E- cigarette, has come and proven to be a worthy replacement of the nicotine, carbon (IV) Oxide loaded, traditional cigarette which comes with a dash of unpleasant odor. This is clearly a solution to the opposition that chain smokers especially, face from their non smoking counterparts who detest the smell and smoke of cigarettes.

The E-cigarette gets its name from the unique ability to be recharged. The components of this mighty product include a battery, cartomizer, atomizer, cartridge and a liquid. The battery is meant to provide power to heat the liquid which is vaporized into an aerosol mist, this is vapor is then smoked or as popularly known 'vaped’. Apart from being smoke and odor free, this cigarette is as well cheaper on the long run and can be used while recharging in the power source.

The Pros and Cons of Electronic Cigarettes

  •     -This cigarette is safe, it contains no nicotine which has greatly reduced the number of deaths that result in heart disease as well as slowing the rate of lung and throat cancer.
  •     -When smoking an E-cigarette, it is less messy as no ash will be falling off or filter waiting to be disposed after smoking.
  •     -Since it produces no smoke and has no smell, you do not have to spend a few minutes in isolation because it is safe to use even around non-smokers.
  •     -This type of cigarette is very cost effective especially for heavy smokers. One electronic stick cigarette is reusable and only the cartridge is reloaded once empty. To further save a few dollars, it is also possible to buy the liquid in bulk and re-fill it yourself.

Smoking Out the Facts About E-cigarettes

  •     -The user may have to try out different E-cigarettes before settling on one as they have different flavors. Although not a must, it is advisable because it will be used for a long time to come.
  •     -Due to the similarities in between the traditional and electronic species of cigarettes, some non smokers will still raise eyebrows despite the fact that they smell no odor or see no smoke. it is recommended to inform the management of a venue and explain to the non-smokers.
  •     -If left with debris, the lifespan of the E-cigarette cloud reduce drastically if not cleaned. Although this happens with most product, the E-cigarette can be maintained by wiping the brass contact and disposing the atomizer regularly.

Benefits of the E-cigarette

This is a great way to quit smoking: A lot of people who managed to stop after years of smoking have attributed their success to the E-cigarette which gradually reduces the level of nicotine in the body. This eventually diminishes the urge to smoke.

-Same smoking sensation: Even with no smoke or smell, this cigarette will offer the same fulfillment and does not deprive the user off the feeling that comes with smoking a traditional nicotine cigarette.

-Pauses less risks to your health: Only nicotine flavored vapor is smoked by the user and no smoke or tar is inhaled and exhaled to others. This will bring less harm especially to the lungs and arteries.

-Flexible: They can be smoked almost anywhere. Whenever the urge to smoke strikes, you can pull out an e-cigarette as it pauses no health hazard to anyone and does not emit smoke making it very environmentally friendly.

Some of the Best E Cigarettes Are:

V2 Electronic Cigarette

1This product is not only high quality, it also comes with a lifetime warranty and has a money back 30-day guarantee. It includes Cartridge, batteries, accessories, disposables, e-liquid and starter kit. The beginners kit goes for $34 while the more popular standard kit retail at $59.95, with the standard kit plus going for $99.95. Others include the couples kit(2 standard kits) for 114.95 and the ultimate kit which retails at $179.95. This product can be ordered directly from their website.

The vaporFi

12This is a relatively new brand in the market, it offers a wide array of quality brands. There are a variety of starter kits, nicotine dose, batteries, flavors and advanced vaporizers. It is possible to create your own customized mix and match blends and comes in different sizes and colors. It is equipped with both a battery and a puff tracking meter. With the starter kit going for $29.99 this product can be ordered online on their direct website.

Green Smoke E-cigarette

13This is considered the best electronic cigarette so far. It currently maintains a top spot in the market and has garnered a client base of over 3.5Million. They have a reputation for exemplary customer service on call, they are definitely in their own league, with flavor max technology and a 2-piece assembly system. Their most popular kit is non other than the pro kit which retails at only $99.97 and comes with free shipping as well as a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. This product among many can be ordered on their official website

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