Electronic Cigarettes – A Comprehensive Review

e cigaretteTrying to quit smoking is a noble goal, but it is also quite hard to accomplish even for those who are highly motivated. In order to avoid the health ramifications brought about by tobacco consumption, the best choice is to switch to electronic cigarettes, which provide the same experience sans all the dangers. As far as the best electronic cigarettes in the market today, E-cigs is one of the brands to consider.

What is E Cigs?

This electronic cigarette is a revolutionary product that allows people to smoke without having to deal with the side effects of tobacco. It is basically a gadget that simulates smoking and provide all the same level of satisfaction that can be expected from smoking tobacco.

Same Nicotine Content

Many assume that electronic cigarettes do not provide the same experience as tobacco. On the contrary, E cigs users will get the same amount of nicotine, which means their craving will be satisfied just as well with this safer alternative.

Indoor Smoking

Most tobacco smokers have to deal with certain nuances such as not being able to smoke indoors, especially when in public places such as restaurants, malls, and even airplanes. With E cigs, smokers can light up whenever and wherever they want since laws and ordinances allow for such practice even in public areas. There is also no need to worry about making non-smokers uncomfortable because E-cigs produce odorless vapor instead of smoke.

No Lingering Smells

Since E-cigs do not produce smoke, users do not have to deal with lingering smells on their breath or clothes. This is especially beneficial for those who like to enjoy a nicotine fix while at work.

There is really not much negative side to using electronic cigarettes, except perhaps the fact that you need to charge the device every couple of days or so since it runs on Lithium-ion battery.

Hints – Trips and Tricks for Use of Electronic Smokeless Cigarettes

Smoking with these new smoking products is a life changing, and possibly life saving, experience. Here are some tips and information to help you make the switch to this great new smoking product.

E-Cigarette Basics

Some people feel that a manually operated battery is better than the automatic battery type. The manual type gives you more control over the availability of a vapor to smoke. To obtain the same amount of smoking repetition you must take shorter puffs, often called primer puffs, with the automatic electronic cigarette models.

E-Cigarette Tips – Watch Fluid Levels
Regardless of the type of equipment you use when smoking with an electronic cigarette the way the equipment operates is pretty much identical. A wick gathers liquid containing water, glycol and nicotine to an area for heating. This vaporizes the liquid and allows you to inhale the vapor. If you add too much liquid it will take longer for the vapor to form so keeping the fluid at, or below the suggested level will allow a better smoking experience. You should try various types of liquids used in these modern alternatives to unhealthy smoking. You will soon determine a type that works best for your type of smoking. Some videos on these products can give you tips on different liquids available.

E-Cigarette Model Differences
Some models of e-cigarettes have different ways of delivering the fluid for vaporization. Just as old fashion smokers have their brand preferences, so do e-cigarette smokers. Getting a trial package of e-cigarettes and asking friends who have tried this new smoking experience is the best way to determine what model is best for you.

Keep Batteries Charged
As with any product using a battery, make sure you either keep the battery charged or carry a back up battery compartment. Some batteries are advertised as stronger and better for e-smoking. As with other model differences, you will need to determine which is best for you. Watching product videos and asking friends Is the best way to get started. There are also variances in the types of vapor attachments that you may like to experiment with.

Use Quality Products Made in the USA
The best E-Cigarette products are made in the United States of America. The batteries are stronger, last longer and the functioning parts of the e-cigarette will last longer and provide the best possible smokeless cigarette experience. Every week new products are coming on the market and your online supplier is the best place to keep up with new options, alternatives and products for the best smoking experience.
Because electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine in a different way, over time you can completely eliminate the need for the old type of unhealthy cigarettes. Many smokers who quit using old style cigarettes continue to smoke as a full time healthy smoker.

Benefits and What to Expect from E-cigs

The product package comes with the following items:

  • USB Charger (for charging the cartridge via one's laptop)
  • Wall Charger
  • Stainless Atomizer with Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • 7 Full Flavored Nicotine Cartridges
  • Hard Plastic Carrying Case
  • Designer Display Box
  • 20-page Instruction Manual

These items are included in the starter kit package. However, consumers can choose a different package that has more cartridges as well as accessories.

Apart from the health benefits of opting for electronic cigarettes, users can also expect to save up to $1000 (or more) each year. This is a considerable amount of money that can be spent on more important things.

Consumer Testimonials

According to consumer reviews online, E cigs are not only easy to use but also incredibly helpful in staving off their craving for tobacco. In addition, their social experiences have also improved immensely since they no longer have to excuse themselves every time they need to smoke.

Buyers' Guide

Those who decide to purchase E cigs should know that there are a number of excellent offers available online. Buying E cigs off the internet is a wise choice since customers have the chance to save money and take advantage of considerable discounts. Orders can be placed easily on the E cigs website where customers only need to fill out an online form. The starter kit costs $59.99.