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 With so many different options of electronic cigarettes available in the market, it becomes difficult to find the best one. If you are looking for traditional smoking experience with rich flavors and high smoke volume, then Green Smoke electronic cigarette is the perfect choice. Green Smoke offers outstanding range of packages in a variety of flavors.

Green Smoke is an e-cig brand that offers smokers an unmatched smoking experience. It delivers rich flavor and high smoke volume, which give smokers a smooth and long lasting taste. You can choose from different flavors, such as menthol ice, mocha mist, absolute tobacco, chocolate etc. It comes in a variety of nicotine doses.

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Originator of 2-piece e-cigarettes, Green Smoke comes in a charismatic drop top box. Unlike most of the other ecig brands that contain three components, Green Smoke contains two-apparatus design, which makes it convenient and easy to use.The no flame e cig is a possible solution to this problem. It looks like a cigarette and it feels like a cigarette yet without the harmful substances of tar which is present in tobacco products. The nicotine is still present in the electronic version of the tobacco product and therefore cravings are being addressed in a less harmful manner.

The benefits of using these are plenty. The no flame e cigs can be 'smoked' anywhere and don't give out harmful second-hand poisons to other people. Homes can truly be smoke-free and no longer will the smell of stale tobacco smoke linger on home furnishings, furniture and clothing. Naturally, the cost benefits will soon be felt and money will be saved almost immediately but the best benefit of all is that of health. The risk to health is much lower as with tobacco products. Health will always be the best asset a person can have and this by far is the biggest benefit.

Smoking tobacco cigarettes in public places has been banned for a few years and there are many people who attempt to cease this vice and fail miserably. There are many 'quit smoking' aids on the market from chewing gum to patches, yet the feeling most people miss is the holding of a cigarette in their hands. Patches and chewing gum may well solve the nicotine craving, alas there is still the problem of what people do with their hands. It is said by experts in the field of psychology that smoking is a psychological habit as opposed to an addiction of the body and that once the psychological aspect has been addressed, the addiction soon passes.

There are a few negatives and these will be more than likely from smokers of tobacco cigarettes and particularly if you 'light up' indoors while they have to stand outside fighting wind and rain to receive their hit. There is also the aspect of still taking in nicotine, albeit in smaller doses. Nicotine is harmful to the body and is the addictive substance in tobacco products. The no flame e cig contains nicotine, however, as there are other harmful substances in tobacco products this is a small price to pay. It does still mean that the body is imbibing the nicotine and the mind is not overcoming the addiction.

It comes in different starter kits to suit your budget and requirements. You can pick from Pro kit, Express kit, Ultimate kit and Love Birds kit. Pro kit is great value for money pack, and is priced at $29.90, Ultimate kit will cost you $59.99 and Love Birds kit (double pack) will cost you $169.99. You can order directly from the original website.

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While many people have enjoyed smoking tobacco products, there is still the cost and the health issues connected with smoking tobacco cigarettes and people who switch to no flame e cigs state that saving money and the improvements in their breathing are by far, the best benefits. Others have stated that it is wonderful to have a smoke-free home and they're no longer passing on harmful smoke to other members of their family.

Ordering is easy. Simply click on the link and enter your details. Make the payment of $4.95 which is a special offer for a limited period only and take advantage of the 30-day guarantee and a lifetime warranty. The no flame e cigs introductory offer includes an atomizer which contain nicotine flavoured cartridges to gradually wean taste buds away from the taste of nicotine and a handy USB charger which can be plugged into any laptop with a USB port.