About E Cigs

E cigarette is a premium manufacturer and supplier of e-cigs. Its one of the most popular and successful name brand on the market. They invented the two piece e-cigarette model, and soon other brands followed them. The e cigarette device enables the customization of nicotine from zero to 24mg. The company offers up to 8 different smoking flavors to meet the popular demands. And, the ease of carrying a compact cigarette makes e cigarette even more fashionable.

First, we'll define them; then we'll check out their components

E-cigs, e-cigarettes, vaporizer cigarettes are hookah pen simulating the act of tobacco smoking. A vapor is produced and the smoker inhales. The vapor has the flavor, physical sensation and appearance of a real inhaled tobacco smoke except that it doesn't have the odor, the health risks and the more than 4,000 toxic, carcinogenic and hazardous chemicals usually associated with smoking tobacco.

An e-cigarette can have a refillable liquid with or without nicotine. Some of the liquids are flavored with that nicotine taste but don't have the actual nicotine. This is the modern method of getting a nicotine supply and is an alternative to smoking.

The Components

E cigarette renders a new atomizer with every new purchase of cartridges, thus liberating you from the hassle of refilling the juice. And, this is not the case with other manufacturers, who have copied the model but failed to deal with the important aspect of re-fill.

E cigarette chic style, design, and casing, imparts a unique smoking moment. The non-plastic look and feel of the battery area distinctly bears a resemblance to the traditional tobacco cigarettes, adding to the overall smoke experience.

The Packaging

The packaging is brilliant with vibrant colors thrown in. The flap box with a magnet resembles some of the gum boxes available today. With such hip design of the packaging and the box, the product will out win other brands in the coming months.

Battery Life

What’s unique about e cigarette is their ability to hit the throat that old hand smokers delight in. The conjoint effort of vapor cartridge and battery produces a fat number of smokes, up to 400 puffs. To enjoy the flavor a bit more, smokers need to make an extra effort on each drag. The robust battery life of e cigaretteoutlives other brands that may last for a day and a half at the most. Unlike other brands where the sensor to be fully activated requires a few strong puffs, which usually fizzles out the battery, e cigarette is absolutely hassle free.

Customer Service

E cigarette backs their product with a 30 day money back guarantee. The same day shipping ensures that you don’t have to wait in a queue for enjoying your smoke. Thus, it indicates that the company is sanguine about its range of e-cigs.

The product comes with a 1 year warranty and free shipping for purchase orders above $25. To grab this wonderful deal, you simply have to visit their user-friendly website, or make a purchase over the phone.

You may find the e-cig starter kits from e cigarette on the higher side of price range. Nonetheless, their superior quality justifies its price tag. E-cigs are electronic because they are powered normally by a wired USB adapter or rechargeable battery. There's also an electronic circuit through which the power flows; this circuit is housed on a board. Aside from the circuit, there is a multi-purpose LED indicator light on the e-cigs. The light can flash several times which alerts the user that the battery's low. The light also indicates when the device is activated when the user inhales. Some models even have an air pressure switch.

The Final Verdict:

Due to its exceptional product quality, and brilliant customer service, e cigarette stands the test of time. The brand offers true value for money. Smoke healthy by ordering a pack from e cigarette today!

E-cigarettes have a number of components. Here's a brief discussion:

  •     The battery: This is the power source. Mostly, the battery is rechargeable and is lithium ion. The battery powers the heating element. Its life varies from one model to the next. Also, the battery depends on what type it is, the environment it's in, its size as well as how regularly it is used. The battery is usually the largest component.
  •     The atomizer: Another name for the heating element in e-cigarettes is the atomizer. It heats up the e-cig liquid and vaporizes it in readiness for the user's inhalation. Unfortunately, this component doesn't last very long and usually needs to be regularly replaced, every 3 to 6 months, in order for it to function at its best.
  •     The mouthpiece: Another name for the cartridge. You will find it fixed on one end of the e-cigarette tube. Inside is a small plastic cup that holds the absorbent material drenched in the liquid solution. You can refill it or replace it with another cartridge already pre-filled. Sometimes the absorbent material can be removed; liquid drops are then directly placed into the atomizer's bridge.

Newer e-cig versions have a sensor. The sensor will activate the heating method automatically and immediately when the user sucks on the device. In some models, you'll find a button instead of the sensor; just press the button as you suck and you'll activate the heating.