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Best Electronic Cigarette Brands 2016


Electronic cigarettes have become very popular over the past years. The E-cigarettes are readily affordable; they give a very good user experience and have minimal health risks if any. As far as getting the correct information on E-cigarettes, you have come to the right place. We provide the true Facts about electronic cigarette, their pros and cons, and what to expect if you are new to E-cigarettes while quoting the offers available on E-cigarettes purchase.

What’s an E-Cigarette?

img10It’s a Cigarette that is electronically manufactured and is dependent on a battery power source to emit some kind of smoke similar to the one in the actual Tobacco cigarette. The War against tobacco smoking due to fatal health risks involved like Lung Cancer was not effective until the invention of electronic cigarette. Now you can smoke to your heart's content without fear of being stared at or without the fear of cancer. Now you need not worry about people accusing you of causing a passive smoke environment.

How the E-cigarette looks like

Electronic Cigarettes look quite similar to tobacco cigarettes since the aim was to make a product that would be able to give the user the same experience while smoking a tobacco cigarette. E-cigarettes are very healthy as compared to tobacco cigarettes since they don’t produce any harmful smoke like the one that contains tar and ashes, plus when you’re smoking in public you cannot affect others with second hand smoke because it does not emit any.

Benefits of Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarette give you more than just value for money. Take a look at the following benefits:

  •     Saves you a lot of money. You can save over a $1000 a year. In comparison, you are likely to spend over $2000 on real cigarettes.
  •     It is non-addictive. You can quit whenever you like.
  •     It saves you a lot of pain and suffering, as you need not have fear of cancer.
  •     You need not worry about medical bills caused due to smoking.
  •     The e-cigs do not contain tar and tobacco.
  •     These cigarettes do not produce smoke as no tobacco is burnt.
  •     You do not have to constantly look for a safe place to smoke.
  •     You do not have to worry about bad odor.
  •     These cigarettes come in a variety of flavors including coffee, chocolate, and apple. There is even a tobacco flavored e-cig but it does not contain tobacco.
  •     It comes with a rechargeable battery.
  •     You can carry it safely wherever you go.
  •     The e-cig cartridges are not expensive. You can replace a cartridge easily. One cartridge is the equivalent of one full pack of real cigarettes.

doctor_electronic_cigarette-199x300The E-cigarette has 3 main parts that must fully function for the best experience. These parts include: the mouthpiece, the battery and the atomizer which serves as the heating element.While inhaling through the mouth piece the atomizer heats the liquid solution in it to produce some smoke so that it gives the same experience as tobacco smoking. Electronic cigarette provide you with an excellent alternative to smoking real cigarettes. People who have become addicted to smoking find it difficult to quit. Such people need whatever help they can get. Smokers now have help in the form of No Flame E cigs. This is now the smarter way to smoke.

Smoking electronic cigarette is not only fun but healthier. Research shows that there has been an increase in E-cigarettes smoking and a reduction in Tobacco smoking which is good for everyone’s health. E-Cigarette smoking is allowed in public places since it does not emit any second hand smoke thus not affecting the health of non-smokers. The E-Cigarettes contain nicotine so it gives the actual experience as if someone was smoking Tobacco.

There are many E-Cigarette brands in the market, but we are going to recommend a few based on reviews and user satisfaction.

The E-Cigarettes that top our charts is:


It has been rated as one of the best electronic cigarette brands in the market and this is due to great customer satisfaction, affordable prices of the products, a vapor that is as realistic as the one emitted from tobacco plus V2 Cigs give a warranty of their products.On First purchase you get 15 % discount and 10% on replacement of worn out components and products.


The vapor from Green Smokes is rated as the best in the market and it has a thick feeling to it. Green Smokes has a variety of tobacco flavors and is very affordable. On first Purchase you get 10% discount and 5% on replacement of components.


It has been termed as the most reliable electronic cigarette with the highest choices of flavors to choose from. As far the E-liquids go, you can choose from over 30,000 combinations.On First Purchase you get 10% discount and a free shipping fee on purchase exceeding $100.Most people who have used electronic cigarette recommend it as a very safe and non-addictive alternative. The service and response from electronic cigarette is always great and users have been delighted with the manufacturers. There appears to be no disadvantages of smoking e-cigs except for the fact that you are aware that you are not smoking the real thing.You can now kick the habit of smoking those dangerous tobacco cigarettes and start enjoying electronic cigarette instead. Your life will be a lot better for the experience.

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